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Friday, December 1st, 2017 | myself

Welcome to NAO Jewelry site!

Hello, I’m Naoko Yagisawa.
I publish this site to introduce my jewelry works.

…… I purely like creating anything with my hands, but jewelry making the most.
I use gold, silver and gemstones. It is fascinating to see and feel how precious metals change their shape and surface in various processes….. (from my profile)

New ideas are coming up constantly. It’s interesting to bring them to real. The
results aren’t always as successful as I thought them up in my head, though…. but even that opens up other doors or brings a connection to different things later. Nothing will be spoiled.

On a regular basis, I post my works and in addition to that, working processes, my hobbies etc…. I would appreciate your feedback.

Your comments are welcome in English, Dutch and Japanese.

Thanks, Naoko
in Amsterdam, Dec. 2017

….. checking positions of tiny flower motifs next the stone setting before fixing them by soldering. I sawed the tiny motifs out from a gold plate one by one and gave curved form by punching on a dapping block.


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