NAO Jewelry
based in Amsterdam since 2010
by Naoko Yagisawa

I purely like creating anything with my hands, but jewelry making the most. I use gold, silver and gemstones. It is interesting to see and feel how precious metals change their shape and surface in various working processes.

My inspiration comes from the nature world. Leaf, flower and shell motifs are my favorites at the moment. I like creating imaginary organic shapes. Organic design but sometimes through my filter transformed to solid symbols, as I’m also fascinated by “kamon” Japanese emblems and Gothic style design.

I keep in my mind not too strange or eccentric, but unique, timeless and above all comfotable to wear design. I carefully check my design from every angle.

To leave a little creativity for you; for example, charms are replaceable, hooks of earrings are changeable, length of a necklace is adjustable and so on. I’d like you to make up variations and different comibinations by your own ideas.

I hope that my works give you a special touch.